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The Southern California Writers Association offers both events, information, and networking for writers at all levels. We provide programs and services that support the development of writing craft, as well as publishing, marketing and networking opportunities. Read more at about us

Membership is open to all writers and publishing professionals, working in a wide range of genres. Our annual membership fee offers many benefits, including meetings, seminars, contests, discounts and promotional opportunities. Please view our membership page for details >

September SCWA Meeting

What separates good from great? Makes your characters relatable and authentic? Motivation, stakes, and heart. Sought after speaker and author of The Art of Character and The Compass of Character talks about character and character motivation-the foundation of every great novel.

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SCWA Presents Writers Online

Check out our new YouTube channel for some of our best and brightest authors and guest speakers.

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Call for Submissions

Send Us the Best of Your Best! Enter your prettiest pros, your finest quips, and your tallest tales because SCWA is putting together another anthology. This time we’re mixing literature with gastronomy and want your most excellent literary short stories and poems, etc., alongside your favorite recipes.   We know the frozen daiquiri was a great source of inspiration for Hemingway’s novel Islands in the Stream. What’s yours?  And what about Flannery O’Connor. With her love for ham and mayonnaise, what might she have come up with?  

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Hump Day Book Tour

Wednesday? You know what that means—time for the Southern California Writers Association’s brand spanking new HUMP DAY BOOK TOUR! What is the SCWA Hump Day Book Tour? I’m glad you asked. Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM PDT, SCWA turns our Facebook page over to a different author. Guests have 5-7 minutes to introduce themselves, their work, and share a quick writing tip or two. So take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy—as SCWA’s Hump Day Book Tour proudly presents author Glen Erik Hamilton.

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Join Us for Our Virtual Happy Hour

Join us for our weekly SCWA Virtual Happy Hour Fridays at 4:30 pm PDT–Members and Nonmembers welcome!

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Darlene Quinn—In Memoriam

Novelist, philanthropist, benefactor, friend, wit, Bon Vivant, award winner—Darlene touched so many lives and made us all better—her loss hurts all of our hearts.

Darlene Quinn, a longtime member of SCWA and successful novelist with her series of "Web” books, was a Renaissance woman, a woman who began as a teacher, then a model,  led the West Coast fashion icon Bullock’s into becoming a leader worldwide in fashion, and became a hugely successful best-selling novelist.

Darlene was so talented and diverse. She even directed the Miss Universe contest for several years and always assisted the women into getting an education.

Of course it is Darlene’s writing that made her a giant. She wrote Buddy Ebsen’s biography, and also wrote the Barnaby Jones series of novels.

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Join us the third Saturday of every month at 10:00 AM, for our SCWA monthly Zoom Meeting, where we enjoy networking, hear dynamic and accomplished speakers that inspire and support our development, and embolden us to face the times we live in, and write! Writers since history began, have been the chroniclers of the times, you are the chroniclers of these times - whether here in the present, or in a historical period, or in a galaxy far, far away, we as writers are the people who have carried the record of our triumphs and our failures, and we continue going forward. Join us and be a part of the noblest of professions, a writer.

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