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Morgan, Richard Miller

By Amy Pistone | December 21, 2020

Richard Miller Morgan ABOUT RICHARD  

Lambert, Harlen “Lamb”

By Amy Pistone | December 15, 2020

Harlen “Lamb” Lambert ABOUT HARLEN Harlen has a varied career in basketball, is an Army veteran, was the first black police officer hired for the Santa Ana Police Department in Orange County, is an entrepreneur, a world-renown K9 trainer, radio and television personality, and published indie-author. Lamb can be followed on his website at lamblambertauthor.com. He is a contributing author to Out On a Limb-An Anthology For Friends, and he is currently working on a second memoir and a third book of poetry.

Read-Lambert, Sharron

By Amy Pistone | December 14, 2020

Sharron Read-Lambert ABOUT SHARRON I started reading at six, beginning with the encyclopedia and the bible. I hungered for the written word and began writing short stories. For me, writing is an outward expression of an inward experience, and comes from a creative explosion of imagination and life.Later, I began seriously writing as a partner to my husband in researching, documenting, writing and publishing his memoir, in addition to formatting and publishing two books of his poetry. I am published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and currently working on outlining a second memoir.

Putman, Debby Ann Chase

By Amy Pistone | December 7, 2020

Debby Ann Chase Putman ABOUT DEBBY ANN CHASE  I was born in Santa Monica, CA and lived in the same city house, 3 miles from the ocean until college took me to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA. I graduated in Business, married and lived ‘off the land’ in many states while raising a family. Having moved back to California, I married again creating a ‘yours, mine and ours’ set of 10 kids. With all the children grown and spread across the country, we now live in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, CA. My new joy is creating this 1st book, ‘Darcy & Dawn’s Impossible Adventures: The Swedish King’s Gold’, with illustrations by my eldest son Ryan Francis Peirce. Middle son Jeff has created the website as well. www.darcyanddawns.com which holds short stories, family recipes and diary pages of my character/family. The middle of 5 kids: that’s me. Growing up near the California Coast in the 1960’s, my late younger sister Donna and I created adventures, some of which I am happy to share with kids of today. Neither one of us liked to read as children, and yet, as we learned to love it for the fantasy and understanding of the world around us, we realized how much we had missed in those early years. So, these stories are for those kids like us, who just need an adventurous story to spark a lifelong interest in reading. My hobby for over 20 years has been genealogy and building every branch of the family tree. I have written the histories of two of these family lines dating back to the 13OO’s. Sharing stories is my passion.

Miranda, Sherrie R

By Amy Pistone | November 25, 2020

Sherrie R Miranda ABOUT SHERRIE Sherrie Miranda is an author who writes in order to create more peace and understanding in the world. She is a teacher who has taught students from many countries of the world. She is also a life and writing coach and hopes to soon find a way to help seniors and troubled teens write their life stories. She loves to travel and first traveled to other countries before finally deciding to see some of the U.S., places that foreigners she met had been to, but that she hadn’t. She is happily married to a retired teacher who identifies himself first, as a musician. They hope to someday travel together to places where she reads her novel(s) and speaks to people about writing and life while Angelo plays his piano and entertains the audience. Life has much to offer so she always encourages young people to hang in there and know that things WILL get better.

SCWA Presents Writers Online

By Amy Pistone | November 8, 2020

SCWA Presents Writers Online Check out our new YouTube channel for some of our best and brightest authors and guest speakers. Through this year of challenges SCWA has risen to new heights with a wide range of talented presenters who will inspire, educate and motivate writers and readers alike through our online programs. Our content includes the Hump Day Book Tours, Pub Shops with insights into book publishing and marketing, plus our monthly author spotlights and workshops.

Quinn, Darlene

By Amy Pistone | November 3, 2020

Darlene Quinn ABOUT DARLENE Darlene Quinn is an award-winning author and journalist from Long Beach, California. Her series of novels, Webs of Fate, Webs of Power, Twisted Webs, Unpredictable Webs and Conflicting Webs have garnered acclaim and have created an avid international fan base. Webs of Perception, was released in November 13, 2018.Darlene has published articles in both “Inskeeping World” and “Savvy Magazine,” highlighting the business knowledge she gained during her time at Bullocks Wilshire DepartmentStores.As part of the seven-member management team of the West Coast Specialty Store Division of Federated (now Macy’s Inc.), Quinn has the insider’s perspective on the rise and fall of major department stores.Quinn became interested in storytelling at an early age but did not begin writing until her adult life. Prior to being an author, Quinn was a public school teacher, a self-improvement and modeling instructor, and a private contractor for various department stores and hospitals. She has two children, John and Jodie, and lives with her artistic husband, Jack, in Long Beach, California.

Farese, Susan J

By Amy Pistone | November 3, 2020

Susan J Farese ABOUT SUSAN Susan J. Farese is the Owner of SJF Communications (PR) in San Diego. She is a publicist for authors as well as the entertainment industry and businesses and is the author of “Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring” (1993, out of print), several articles on a variety of subjects and blogger as well as a contributor for several poetry anthologies. https://sjfcommunications.com @sjfcommo on Twitter and IG. Facebook: SJF Communications

Cohen, Lawrence S

By Amy Pistone | October 24, 2020

Lawrence S. Cohen ABOUT LAWRENCE Most consider my writing quirky like my sense of humor.I’ve published fast fiction, non-fiction articles, and helped edit books. When editing for others my goal is to find the connection to the reader’s heart.I worked in national advertising in Chicago and won at Cannes Film Festival, Clios and other award shows.After retiring I kept dreaming up ideas, like working at Six Flags Great America as a caricaturist. Being a 62 year old standing on 1000 degree asphalt and calling out, “Caricatures. Only 10 Bucks!” was insane. My 17 year old colleagues called me “Loony Larry.” But I persevered with my own caricature business until social security started. My clients ranged from Brian the 12 year old birthday boy to groups like Citizens for Advocating a More Perfect Meatball.I hold a Bachelors in Journalism from Ohio University and a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Braun, Chrysteen

By Amy Pistone | October 18, 2020

Chrysteen Braun ABOUT CHRYSTEEN Chrysteen Braun is a native Californian, born and raised in Long Beach. She wrote her first novel when she was twelve, and while she can’t recall what it was about, she always thought she could become a writer.Because she was a rowdy teenager, her parents sent her on Chapman College’s World Campus Afloat after graduating high school, hoping she’d come back “a better person.” (It worked) She also worked for Capital Records in Hollywood, ordering all the Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album covers, and after reading the words to the songs, said “This will never sell.” When she still couldn’t decide what she wanted to pursue as a career, she went to work for her family’s construction business.Almost fifty years later, as a licensed flooring and general contractor, she and her husband Larry retired from remodeling and interior design, leaving their business to their daughter to carry on as Chrysteen’s parents had.In the early 1980’s Chrysteen wanted to write, and joined an Orange County, Ca. writer’s group with then unknown author Elizabeth George, and wrote a novel but tucked it away when business and family life took over. She did however, not totally abandon her writing interest as she published numerous articles about remodeling and interior design in her local newspapers. Now that she’s retired, she’s reinvented herself and started writing again.They have a second home in Lake Arrowhead, California, where Chrysteen opened a store, aptly called At The Cabin. The mountains have been the inspiration for her “Cabin” novels.Chrysteen currently lives in Coto de Caza, Ca., (near Mission Viejo) with her husband Larry, “who is the wind beneath my wings.”