Rogers, Jen

Jen Rogers ABOUT JEN Southern California based freelance writer and blogger Jen Rogers (JenRogers33) is an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast who likes nothing more than grabbing her tent, escaping into the remote wilderness, and completely unplugging from the world around her while enveloped in the beauty of nature. Her entire life, Jen has been surrounded by photographers and writers starting with her paternal grandfather who was a true adventurer in every sense of the word and a story-teller extraordinaire. Her uncle was a professional nature photographer and her brother a film director. What is truly unique about Jen is her ability to tell a story coupled with her beautiful photography. She not only provides you with her practical travel tips, things to do and trip itineraries, but her blog JenRogers33 is full of stories about her unique travel adventures, her hilarious mishaps and her childhood. Her stories will make you laugh, gasp and cry as they transport you to another world reading them. Search for:

Nannini, Marcus A.

Marcus A. Nannini ABOUT MARCUS Mr. Nannini began his writing career when he published his own newspaper in the sixth grade and charged 25 cents per school quarter for the privilege of reading the only hand-written copy of each edition. The newspaper was a modest success.During his undergraduate years, he was a paid newspaper reporter and worked three semesters as the Research Assistant to journalism professor Richard Stocks Carlson, Ph.D. Nannini’s newspaper reporting paid for his senior year of undergrad.Nannini is a life-long history buff with a particular interest in World War II and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He once discovered an error in his fifth-grade history book concerning the attack, which the publisher subsequently corrected as a result. His first novel, Chameleons, An Untold World War II Story, was well received and awarded “Best Thriller.”Nannini’s second work, Left for Dead at Nijmegen, the True Story of an American Paratrooper (Casemate Publishers, Oxford, UK, and Philadelphia, PA) received plaudits from around the world, has been placed into the United States National Archives, and was named 2019 Nonfiction Book of the Year. Sir Charles, Prince of Wales, owns a copy.Nannini’s third work, Midnight Flight to Nuremberg, the Capture of the Nazi who put Adolph Hitler into Power, will be released in the UK and EU on September 30, 2021, by Pen & Sword Books (United Kingdom) and January 2022 in the USA and Canada.Nannini is presently working on the biography of a penniless Italian immigrant who rose to be a Captain of Industry and International Philanthropist. The anticipated publication date is Second Quarter, 2023.Nannini’s Mystery/Thriller Series commencing with Nine Men Down, The Silent Invasion of Oahu, followed by Geographic Treachery, The Shah’s Revenge; is set to begin publication in the First Quarter, 2023. Search for:

Walker, Karen Sue

Karen Sue Walker ABOUT KAREN Karen Sue Walker writes cozy mysteries, allowing her to spend time researching murder methods, baking, and playing with her rescue dog, Kit. She has published the four-book Bridal Shop Mysteries and the first in the Haunted Tearoom Mystery Series with more to come soon. Karen also assists other authors in their publishing journey with coaching, marketing guidance, and newsletter writing. Search for:

Casas, Ann Yvonne

Ann Yvonne Casas ABOUT ANN Ann Casas writes in order to satisfy that creative muse that won’t stay quiet when present yet remains elusive until challenged by the author’s life experiences. She writes memoirs, children’s stories, poetry and books that are a product of her personal journey. She enjoys sharing what she has encountered and learned. A former educator, her stories, poems and short novels have been published on and also Barnes and She also enjoys traveling. She lives in Southern CA with her husband Steve and son Zachary. Please visit her author’s website on Facebook and Instagram Search for:

Butler, Thomas D

Thomas D Butler ABOUT THOMAS Thomas Butler is an author and educator in Santa Ana, California.A graduate of CSULB, he has taught English at the high school level since 2005. He is an active member of several writers groups and associations, and has designed courses and curriculum to help support young writers.Thomas’s first novel, Some Experience Preferred, a humorous crime thriller, was published in 2019 and was well received by critics and readers. Described by one critic as, “easily the best book I’ve reviewed in a year,” Some Experience Preferred was a strong debut from an indie publisher.His second full length publication, Two Guns 1 Mile, a collection of historical short fiction set around the real-life ghost town of Two Guns, Arizona, launched in May of 2021. Nominated for the Indie Author Project 2021 Awards, and has been accepted into the California State Library system.Currently, he has two other crime thrillers looking for a publishing home, and is seeking representation to that end.Thomas can be followed on his website (, or on Twitter (@ThomasDButler). Search for:

Moose, Anne

Anne Moose ABOUT ANNE Anne Moose was raised in Sacramento, California and received a BA in Social/Cultural Anthropology from U.C. Berkeley. She authored her first book, “Berkeley USA,” in 1981, and her second, “Arkansas Summer,” in 2017. Thirty-plus years of writing and editing happened in between, mostly in small publishing and the software industry. “House of Fragile Dreams” is her second novel. She has two grown sons and lives in Mission Viejo, California with her husband, Peter Dingus. Search for:

Wasserman, A.E.

A.E. Wasserman ABOUT A.E. The daughter of a newspaperman, A.E. Wasserman wrote her first novella at age 14 and never stopped writing. She has received numerous awards, including top honors from Writer’s Digest for her work. A.E. Wasserman’s current mystery/thrillers, THE LANGSFORD SERIES, have garnered international attention. [Think Sherlock Holmes meets Downton Abbey.] After graduating from The Ohio State University, she lived in London, then San Francisco. Currently she resides in the Los Padres National Forest in California with her family and her muse, a Border Collie named Topper. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads. Her website is Search for:

Beiley, Leif

Leif Beiley ABOUT LEIF Leif Beiley is best known as a designer of fast and beautiful sailboats. His boats have won a slew of major regattas and prestigious awards, and he has authored over sixty articles in various sailing magazines. Leif has spent years racing and cruising aboard his sailboat, logging thousands of miles at sea and visiting many countries. In 2020 he completed VOYAGE TO CRUSOE, a novel inspired by some of the wild situations and interesting characters he has encountered in his travels. You can follow him on his blog: and his website: Search for:

Morgan, Richard Miller

Richard Miller Morgan ABOUT RICHARD R. M. Morgan, born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, enjoys writing about the history and unique character of that region. His goal is to give his reader a challenging and entertaining whodunit; can the reader solve the mystery before the detective? This writer believes the perfect read entails relaxing in a comfortable chair and sleuthing for the truth.His novels, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, center on the principal characters of Harriett Roth, the master detective, and Don Gannon, her right-hand man.Author Site: wwww.rmmorgan.comPublisher Site:   Search for:

Lambert, Harlen “Lamb”

Harlen “Lamb” Lambert ABOUT HARLEN Harlen has a varied career in basketball, is an Army veteran, was the first black police officer hired for the Santa Ana Police Department in Orange County, is an entrepreneur, a world-renown K9 trainer, radio and television personality, and published indie-author. Lamb can be followed on his website at He is a contributing author to Out On a Limb-An Anthology For Friends, and he is currently working on a second memoir and a third book of poetry. Search for: