Steven G. Jackson


Steven JacksonSteve is a recovering engineering director who ignored everyone’s good advice and became a full-time writer.

Steve’s 2015 novel, The Zeus Payload, was published by a small press, received excellent reviews, and was selected by four book clubs. It’s a timely techno-thriller about cyber weapons and terrorism based on his experience as a technology director. He has three other thriller and horror novels in search of a publishing home.

Steve is also a nine-time produced playwright, had two short stories published in the 2017 anthology, It’s All in the Story, had a story published in 2018 in Culinary Delights, and has been published in “California Engineer.” 

Steve is also a teacher of the craft of writing. He’s spoken at several writer’s conferences and events and has a Master of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California. He is an active member of multiple writing groups, and runs a series of small-group workshops on story structure and editing, where he shares lessons learned from more than 200 sessions with agents, editors, and professional writers, and the thirty-plus years he’s spent studying the craft.

Steve can be followed on his website (, and on his Facebook Author page (Steven G. Jackson). His novel The Zeus Payload, can be purchased at The Zeus Payload or at The Zeus Payload|NOOK Book. It’s All in the Story can be purchased here.