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Welcome to the SCWA Bookstore, filled with our members' memorable, intriguing, and worthwhile books. Click on the book cover to purchase these books on Amazon (affiliate links mean that SCWA receives a portion of the sale!).

Voyage To Crusoe by Leif Beiley

A fast-paced, action packed saga with all the essential elements: Suspense, larceny, lust, and lots of high seas adventure!

Creativity Business Plan for Artists and Artists at Heart by Julie Belmont

Creativity can be a lucrative and satisfying business. Integrate your creative potential with realistic opportunities to live your creative dreams. Discover your true calling as an artist, writer, and creative being.

Chloe's Journey, written and illustrated by Julie Belmont

A relentless little dog named Chloe, meeting life with a positive attitude. She overcame fears and made the best of things. Facing loss and then gaining more than ever imagined.

The Path to Personal Success and Freedom; Turning Hurdles into Stepping Stones by Julie Belmont

Do you have dreams, but feel held back? Do you have self-imposed limitations? Practicing simple principles can put you on your path and find the steppingstones to personal success and freedom.

Awakened by Dot Caffrey

A young girl’s idyllic world is shattered when evil invades her dreams demanding power she does not know she possesses.

Cursed by Dot Caffrey

Born with the face of an angel and the soul of a demon, Sevich has an unquenchable thirst for power, his father’s throne, his brother’s demise and a young girl’s magic.

Conquest by Dot Caffrey

The culmination of the prophecy finds Regnaryn and her friends and loved ones make a final stand against the evil that threatens all.

The Drageal War by Dot Caffrey

The  human, Zabaneja, must draw on his true strengths to unite the races to oppose the threat from fanatical dragons bent on destroying them all.

The Jailbird's Jackpot by PJ Colando

Ex-con Amy Breeden has a problem, but becoming an instant millionaire isn’t it. Will she stick to her intention to take down the dude who double-crossed her or decide living well is the best revenge?

Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring by Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN

This exciting collection of freeform poetry with over 40 poems by Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN, is a sharing of both professional and personal thoughts and feelings. Susan is a strong advocate of the creative use of poetry to express the wonderment, frustration, dedication, and the love of nurses for their profession and their patients.

The Zeus Payload by Steven Jackson

A US defense worker had his undetectable cyber weapon stolen by the terrorist who killed his family and intends to replace bin Laden.

The Lamia by Steven Jackson

The Lamia pits psychiatrist Richard Morgan against the demon Lilith, her vampiric offspring, and his own troubled past in a fight for his daughter’s soul.

The Night Hag by Steven Jackson

Psychiatrist Richard Morgan must battle the demon Lilith again to prevent his daughter from becoming the mother of the Antichrist.

French Roll by J. Michael Jarvis

An adventurous teenager is determined to roller skate across France to reunite with his girlfriend, despite her overprotective father and 800 miles of topless beaches between them.

The OC by D.P. Lyle

Jake Longly is hoping for a few weeks of fun with Nicole in the warm Orange County, CA sun—The OC, baby. But Nicole’s friend and local TV reporter Megan Weatherly has picked up an anonymous celebrity stalker, who is no fool and manages to cover his trail. Suddenly the sunshine and safety of The OC seem more facade than reality and the clock is ticking.

House of Fragile Dreams by Anne Moose

House of Fragile Dreams tells the story of a woman whose attempt to find love is threatened by her brother. He is disturbed, gun obsessed, and, as she discovers, involved with people who threaten much more than her dream of a happy home.

Arkansas Summer by Anne Moose

Arkansas Summer is both a touching love story and gripping immersion into the twisted ethos and violence of the Jim Crow South.

Crown Hunt by R. M. Morgan

Two detectives—a brainy, eccentric woman and her rowdy right-hand man—chase a priceless crown heisted in the Korean War and a psychopathic killer.

Last Train to Danville by R. M. Morgan

Prepare for a journey—with surprises around each bend—through US Civil War history and a present-day mystery to catch a killer.

Cherokee Emerald by R. M. Morgan

A newlywed Cherokee brave discovers a stunning, deep-green emerald. Over a hundred years later, Don Gannon fights an evil antagonist for the gem.

Theep and Thorpe: Adventures in Space by Lillian Nader

Jonathan, an incarcerated teen on Planet Staruus, has no control of his power to manifest objects out of thin air until he encounters enlightened space beings, Theep and Thorpe.

Midnight at Nuremberg by Marcus A. Nannini

Escaping the Pennsylvania coal mines meant going face-to-face against Hermann Göring's Luftwaffe, unarmed!

Left for Dead at Nijmegen by Marcus A. Nannini

Gene Metcalfe quit high school, joined the Airborne and found himself between machine gun-toting “SS” fanatics and being interrogated by the notorious Nazi, Heinrich Himmler.

Finder's Keepers by Barbara Nickolae

Is itinerant artist Shannon Buchanan the mother of little Mandy? Or was the child stolen from a wealthy and influential California couple? Mary Higgins Clark called this page-turner “suspenseful and emotionally gripping. I loved it from the first page!”

Syndrome by Barbara Pronin

Something extraordinary is happening. Terminally ill patients are rising from their beds. For investigative reporter Nancy Rafferty, it’s the biggest story of her career. But the nightmare is just beginning.

Thicker Than Water by Barbara Pronin

Her infant niece was screaming when Lacey Madison crawled through the window of her sister Carolyn’s house. But the baby’s farther lay dead, and Carolyn was nowhere to be seen. Was she the chief suspect in her husband’s death - or had she fled for her life?

Coloring Outside The Lines: Integrating Project Management and Creativity by Ananya and Brett Ridenour

This collection of blogs and thoughts show how to integrate the freedom and flow of creativity coupled with the procedural and structured guidelines of project management.

Skipping Stones by Ananya and Brett Ridenour

This collection of blogs and thoughts show how to integrate the freedom and flow of creativity coupled with the procedural and structured guidelines of project management.

Missing Star by Don Westenhaver

Danny Parker, a pilot wounded in the Great War, returns home hoping to reconcile with his former girlfriend who is now a silent movie star. But Hollywood’s newest star is missing!

Nero's Concert by Don Westenhaver

Who caused the Great Fire of Rome–Emperor Nero or a radical group called Christians? Nero’s loyal confidante is caught between the most powerful man on earth and his newfound love, a secret Christian.

The Red Turtle Project by Don Westenhaver

A Chinese mob boss is assassinated in 1990, leaving a fortune to his daughter. Rival gangsters come after her as she attempts to use the money to secretly transform Vietnam from communism to capitalism.

The Whiplash Hypothesis by Don Westenhaver

An American marine and a young Vietnamese woman share a wartime romance. Years later they discover her father is trying to destroy the US economy by manipulating the price of oil.

Alexander’s Lighthouse by Don Westenhaver

In 92 AD, Alexandria Egypt is the unchallenged pinnacle of Western intellectual achievement. The Egyptian Mob rebels against the Roman occupiers using the most powerful weapon in history.

It's All in the Story, anthology edited by D.P. Lyle

The Southern California Writers Association presents It's All in the Story, a collection of exceptional short stories with a focus on California, edited by bestselling author D. P. Lyle.

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